Vera Van Slyke: Help for the Haunted – Story #1 – “The Minister’s Unveiling”

Here’s the plan.

I hope to post links to my twelve chronicles featuring occult detective Vera Van Slyke, one tale per month.  Each will be available in .pdf, .epub, and .mobi formats.  These dozen tales will make up Vera Van Slyke:  Help for the Haunted.  Come back once a month for a full year, and you’ve earned the complete collection!

The first of the series is titled “The Minister’s Unveiling,” and you can download your copy here [LINK RETIRED].  I certainly hope these are very-close-to-final drafts, but I retain the right to tinker with them.  In fact, this chronicle is different in a small but significant way from when I posted it during the “preview” last year.  Following the advice of one reader, I added a paragraph describing Vera’s appearance.

I’m especially open to advice on formatting the .epub and .mobi files.  I don’t know ebooks very well, and my primary guide was a lot of contradictory information I found online.

Along with inviting your comments, I invite you to enjoy this first investigation of Vera Van Slyke and Lucille Parsell.  A confessional in a Catholic church is being invaded by the ghost of a Puritan minister.

At least — that’s how things seem at first.

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About Tim Prasil

A writer who specializes in speculative fiction, audio and stage drama, and a bit of humor. My current project is Help for the Haunted: A Decade of Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries (1899-1909). Vera is a ghost hunter. To read about one of her investigations, visit the Snazzy Downloads page of my Tim Prasil: Inventor of Persons blog at While you're there, enjoy my Finbar Every Friday series of quips.
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