There’s No Reason for You to Know My Summer Writing Plans

I won’t demand that you not read this, but I can’t imagine why you should.

I have three goals I hope to meet before classes resume in the fall — and, by “fall,” I mean early August, since that’s when I start teaching again.

The first is to get halfway through The Secret Project. I think I can accomplish this, since I only have to write two more limericks to reach 50. But I’ve said too much. It’s secret.

Why are you even reading this in the first place?

The second — more an editing than a writing project — is to complete the manuscript for an anthology of “specialized” ghost stories I’ve collected. I have a publisher, one I’ve worked well with before. I can’t say too much, though. Another secret.

Seriously, are you still here?

A baby bat named Vera

The third is that play I’ve mentioned before. The Chair of the Theater Department across the street from my office read it. He liked it. He wants to produce it. But only if I extend it from what amounts to a one-act play to a “full-length” one. One that’ll make up a full evening of theatrical satisfaction. I had plans to couple it with another one act, but he said one acts don’t sell tickets. And I think he’s right. And I think I can get more mileage from it if I go ahead and add a second act. That’s really all that’s needed. A second act.

The ideas for this Act Two fell into place pretty quickly, and I’m now at the stage where I’m imagining the sequence of scenes. (Honestly! Why are you reading this?) I’m not displeased with where things are headed — but I’m also a bit worried I won’t be able to finish Act Two before I have to return to teaching.

In conclusion, I now sponsor a baby bat that I got to name Vera in honor of my ghost-hunter character in Help for the Haunted: A Decade of Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries. The bat lives at the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre. The book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now go away.


3 thoughts on “There’s No Reason for You to Know My Summer Writing Plans

  1. My wife and I read this all the way through because I typed ‘timing praline’ into Google, and ‘tim prasil’ came up instead. You seem to have little idea about how long it takes to carmelise a sugar/nut confection, but on the other hand we like the bat. We will certainly visit again, but would appreciate at least a short mention of marzipan.

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