The Secret Project: 50

This is an update to a post titled The Secret Project: 33.

I’m up to 50 short poems now, and that’s halfway to my goal. If I get there, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a book. But I don’t expect to get there at all soon.

Okay, okay — the short poems are limericks. There, I said it. That’s right, a book of limericks. But there’s more involved, and I don’t want to divulge that part just yet.


It’s been a really interesting experience, trying to bring new depth to such a silly poetic form. Or, at least, to broaden what’s expected from limericks. While I’m sticking pretty closely to the form, that buh-BUH buh-buh-BUH buh-buh-BUH rhythm, I’m ignoring the naughty, “There once was a man from Pawtucket…”  tradition.

I’m hoping to show that limericks can be more than material for bathroom graffiti.

Halfway there! Gimme a pat on the shoulder.



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