Can We Meet to Discuss Timmy’s Progress?

A while ago, I wrote a post (that I was hoping nobody bothered to read) about my writing plans for summer. Next week, I’m heading to the coast of Maine for some much needed escape from the Oklahoma heat — and right afterward, I have to return to teaching.

Here is my assessment of how I’ve done at meeting my summer writing goals. This promises to be dull stuff. I recommend you skip over this part and scroll down to my slideshow of pictures I’ve taken during previous vacations to the coast of Maine.

  • Goal 1: Get halfway through the 100 limericks for the Secret Project.
  • Results: I did it, I did it! In fact, as of yesterday, I have 53 of these little buggers.
  • Goal 2: Finish editing an anthology of mostly Victorian ghost stories. It’s a bit more specific than that, but it’s also a bit early to say too much.
  • Results: I did it, I did it! I’m hoping a colleague will proofread it before I send it to the publisher — yes, there’s a publisher already secured! — but I’m not sure that’ll happen. If not, I’ll send it in anyway and correct the galley proof.
  • Goal 3: Finish the stage play Depot People and try to get the Theater Department at the university where I teach to consider it for production.
  • Results: Complicated. I did have it finished — until I met with the head of the Theater Department. He made a very good case for adding an Act Two to it, though, to make it a single play that can fill the 1 1/2 to 2 hours that audiences plan on when going out to see a play. My original plan to couple Depot People with another one-act was deemed unwise by someone who knows of what he speaks. So I went to work on imagining an Act Two for my characters. I have the framework (when, where, and why most of the characters from Act One reunite), I have a thematic thread, and I have a solid draft of Act Two – Scene One. But I didn’t quite meet this goal.

Now, here’s the slideshow I promised. Feel free to use the comments section to express your burning envy of my previous trips to coastal Maine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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