Dour Facebook Statuses on Pretty Pictures Make Weird Inspirational Memes

I honestly don’t know where the idea came from.

I think it was while being made queasy by some of the inspirational memes I’ve seen on Facebook. You know, the ones that say something “lovely” yet meaningless, such as Dip your Dreams in an Ocean of Stars, beside a gauzy picture of a kitten. Or a unicorn.

Regardless of my inspiration, I decided to cut-and-paste some of the more cheerless statuses I read on Facebook over some of the more gauzy-kitten-ish pictures I’ve taken myself.

Here are the results:

14195196_331616947174765_5971763229974989267_ohottired spiritweirdness

Hey! While I’ve got ya on the phone, consider following me on Facebook! I try to make life a bit more livable and more silly there.


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