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Help for the Haunted CoverKatherine Nabity, who writes The Writerly Reader blog, wrote a delightful and insightful review of Help for the Haunted. “The stories have a lot of humor, but have chilling moments too,” she writes, adding, “If I were given the opportunity to hang out with Sherlock Holmes or Vera Van Slyke, I’d choose Vera.”

The Holmes analogy reappears in a review at the Multo (Ghost) website, where Nina writes:  “I love the rapport between Vera and Lida. They’re like a beer-drinking, ghost-hunting Holmes and Watson, if Holmes and Watson were American women.”

There are also many reader reviews at and a few at

If you’d prefer an interview, Vera and I both discuss the great ghost hunter’s life and investigations at GirlZombieAuthors, which offers a lot of information about authors working the horror and paranormal genres. An earlier interview is at Mysterious Heartland, a site that looks more at reported hauntings and related phenomenon.

If you’d rather listen than read an interview, I discuss Help for the Haunted and related topics on The Big Séance: My Paranormal World podcast. Download it, or listen to it online.


Giving Up the GhostsGiving Up the Ghosts is a collection of early occult detective fiction that I edited. Michael Dirda, of The Washington Post, mentions this book in a survey of 2015’s “Halloween chillers.” He says, “Editor Tim Prasil introduces several psychic investigators who feature in two or three stories apiece by the likes of Gelett Burgess and A.M. Burrage, among others. Included is Blackwood’s Jim Shorthouse, a precursor to the author’s . . . John Silence; don’t miss Shorthouse’s deliciously kitschy visit to a werewolf.”

There’s another very nice review at oddly weird fiction, where Nancy describes Giving Up the Ghosts as “a lovely anthology, perfect for someone like myself who delights in these old stories — not just in the reading, but also in the discovering.”


Marvellous-boxesSFFaudio, a site spotlighting speculative-fiction audio, says this about “Frozen Words Thawed,” the second of the Marvellous Boxes plays: “The plot impressed me, the unconventional storytelling impressed me, the research and scholarship impressed me, and I liked a whole lot too! . . . Very, very impressive Mr. Prasil!”

The producers of Top of the Pods, a program heard over the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, also liked “Frozen Words Thawed” — enough to broadcast it across the continent.

The fourth play in the series, “Plotting for Perfection,” was selected for a later broadcast of Australia’s Top of the Pods. It was also featured on a podcast of The Sonic Society.

Apparently, the folks at SFFaudio were impressed enough once the entire series had been posted to ask me for an interview. The podcast, which can be downloaded or heard online, opens with “Facing Cydonia,” the third Marvellous Boxes play.

Visit MY WRITING for links to all six of the Marvellous Boxes episodes as well as some additional productions of my audio scripts.